Recent Conservation Surveys

Recent survey projects include:

  • Collections surveys and 'Collection Level Descriptions'.

  • Conservation survey of the geology collections of Dorset County Museum and undertaking certain conservation projects

  • Conservation surveys for various National Trust properties in 2005

  • A survey of Glasgow University’s zoological and anatomical collections, both Hunterian specimens and those stored in the Infirmary, combined with training of two staff in maintaining these objects - many of which are well over 200 years old (see right). 'This collection comprises one of the oldest and most important gathering of zoological and anatomical specimens in the country. A few more cumbersome specimens are due for plastination to make their handling easier. Some unsuitable storage materials were found and replaced combined with some training for the curators in the basic techniques of preventive and remedial conservation relating to this type of collection.

  • A survey of Birmingham University’s (Edgbaston) bioscience’s collection of over 1,000 fluid-preserved specimens combined with an MLA benchmark proforma report. This collection comprises a typical large University comparative anatomy collection, generally in good condition, but showing some signs of neglect and less use as digital imaging begins to supersede the requirement for the real thing.

  • Left: Awkward angled storage in Birmingham University's collections. Some jars are hidden from view and cannot easily be inspected, so the deterioration of specimens could go unnoticed.

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