Training in fluid-preservation at Reading University’s Cole Museum of Zoology

At Reading University’s Cole Museum of Zoology, a member of staff was recently trained by Simon Moore in dealing with the repair of most fragile fluid-preserved zoological specimens and coping with the many other problems that can occur to these types of specimens.

This included re-sealing jars, using celloidin to repair and mount a detached branchial basket from a lamprey dissection, the cleaning and re-mounting of a foetal elephant’s foot infested by fungal growth and the basic techniques of glass cutting and drilling.

Treatment of a foetal elephant's foot at Reading University's Cole Museum: on the left infested with fungus and a low fluid level, in the middle the foot once the fungus had been partly cleaned away and on the right the finished, conserved, specimen.

The conservation of a spirit-preserved frog CNS dissection.

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