Collection survey for York Museums Trust

The geology collection at York Museums Trust is thought to comprise about 120,000 rocks, minerals and fossils - of which only a small portion has been fully documented. After completing the recent refurbishment of the main York Museum, the Trust wanted to gain a general overview of the condition of the geology collection, in order to identify the main curatorial and conservation issues it faces.

Therefore Nigel was asked to undertake a detailed conservation audit of the collection. This entailed describing and quantifying all the sub-collections and their storage media, identifying the curatorial and conservation tasks required, and prioritising them. Also, advice was given on the environment of the current storage area. As there is potential for the collection to be moved to a new store in the near future, advice was also given on the permanent storage media required for each sub-collection and the temporary packaging materials. The report ran to over 7,500 words.

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