Assessing the geology collections for St Albans Museum

Nigel was asked to assess the geology collection at St Albans Museum to produce a Collection Level Description (as no-one was sure what the collection contained) and to advise on conservation and curatorial issues. A one day visit produced a 12-page report that described the collection in detail and provided a list of tasks that would make the collection more useable. As a result Nigel spent a further two days re-organising the collection (approximately 2,300 fossils and 1,790 rocks, minerals and crystals) rationalising where specimens were kept and freeing-up a great deal of space in the process. Also, cupboards and boxes were labelled, some specimens were bagged-up with their labels, and some specimens were re-identified and/or had their labels re-united with them.

As a result, the staff now know what the collection contains, where the material is, and what sort of displays and activities the specimens could be used for in the future.

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