Making mounts for 'Seahenge' - The Holme Timber Circle

The 55 upright timbers and central oak trunk of this unique 4,000 year-old (Bronze Age) timber circle were found emerging from the beach at Holme-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk Coast in 1998.

Many years of careful conservation followed the controversial excavation of the site (including treatment with Polyethyleneglycol - PEG).

In early 2008 most of the timbers were put on permamnent display in the Kings Lynn museum - the nearest museum to the ancient site where they were discovered.

The timbers had to be displayed upright in their original positions and orientations- yet they were heavy, ancient, had bark on one side and had pointed ends (with axe-marks still preserved) that would be damaged if they had to take the full weight of the timbers. Nigel Larkin was asked to devise permanent supports that would hold the timbers securely upright from underneath without allowing any damage. The shape and size of each timber was very different, so tailor-made mounts were created for each one utilising archival quality Plastazote foam and Jesmonite resin. Nick Arber created the vertical supports.

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