The Mary Rose Dog

This is the much-renowned dog skeleton recovered in pieces from The Mary Rose, and assembled and mounted by Simon Moore in 2009.

This skeleton has been much in the news of late and was admired at Crufts 2010. Nicknamed Hatch by the divers who found it, the skeleton was carefully brought up from the Portsmouth Harbour from inside the ship and was thought to have been the ships' carpenter's dog. The assembly of the skeleton was quite a jigsaw puzzle - some parts had been carefully bagged and kept together but there were several bags of small-sized miscellanies which required careful analysis and positioning. There was even a fish veterbra included! The backbone was assembled onto some soft-bend wire and the many remaining bones were drilled and wired together. The ribcage had to be glued otherwise the rib bones would have just hung loosely. The dog was positioned in a sitting position for more likely contextual reasons. This work was undertaken for the Mary Rose Trust.

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