Undertaking the conservation assessment of a mounted 70ft long Finback whale and advising on its cleaning, dismantling and remounting.

There is a possibility that this skeleton, one of the biggest known from this species, may have to be dismantled, moved and remounted. Nigel Larkin was asked to check the 70ft long, 147 year old, ceiling-mounted specimen to assess the bones and the metal armature to provide a conservation report on its condition and to advise how to approach cleaning, dismantling, moving and remounting the specimen and to comment on the proposed new display options. Also, to quantify the time each process would take, what materials would be needed and how much it would all cost.

Assessing the condition of the skull.

As the specimen is currently open to the elements, bird faeces are on every bone along with sooty particulates and some of the metalwork is quite rusty.

The baleen will require special attention.

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