Assessing a large offsite museum store containing hundreds of thousands of archaeological and anthropological specimens to provide methodologies, costs and timings for decanting and re-storing the collection.

Nigel Larkin was recently employed to look at the logistics, conservation issues and health and safety aspects of a project to decant hundreds of thousands of delicate and irreplaceable archaeological and anthropological specimens from one large offsite store and several onsite stores to a new single offsite store location. This included providing a detailed breakdown of all the tasks involved and how long they would take, the volume and type of shelving that would be needed at the new store, the likely transport costs and providing input as to the design of the new store and work area.
This project entailed 17 daysí work in total - 7 days on site examining the stores and 10 days desk-based work researching the costs and writing up the detailed report which comprised 65 pages containing over 29,000 words.

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