Remedial conservation of taxidermy specimens at Winchester College and the Wakes Museum.

In 2012 Simon Moore undertook some remedial conservation work on William Chalkley's taxidermy spcimens. William Chalkley was a Winchester-based taxidermist and these cases are owned by the Biology Department at Winchester College.

The owl case (above left, after treatment) had split and bowed and required multi-clamping and gluing to get it straight again (above right). Also, a new top had to be made and glass panels replaced. It also had carpet beetle larval problems that had to be addressed.

These squacco herons (above) were in reasonable condition but very dusty! (left before, right after).

This wood hoopoe (above) is from the Wakes Museum and shows how cramped storage bends the tail into an unnatural curve (above, left). The feet were also somewhat mildewed (above, centre). Both these problems were fixed (above, right).

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