Skin and Bone - Natural History Week at Tatton Park, October half-term 2010

Simon Moore provided a table full of natural history handling specimens for this half-term event, along with his expertise.

Visitors were able to:

- Compare the softness of a Barn Owl's plumage versus a hedgehog prickles
- Examine the dentition of various carnivore and herbivore skulls - including a marsupial carnivore - to see the differences (the skulls included fox, dog, stoat, thylacine (cast) versus that of a rabbit and a muntjac)
- Note the fur colour difference between a stoat and an ermine and the similarity and how to differentiate them from a weasel
- Examine a dried marine alga (Porphyra with which the Welsh made Laver bread)
- See how a Scottish Crossbill's beak has become skewed to enable it to get seeds out of pine cones
- See what pests can damage Natural History specimens, including comparing the slight difference between a biscuit beetle and a furniture beetle (woodworm) and differentiating between the various carpet beetles and clothes moth and seeing the damage they can do.

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